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Have multiple staff columns, assign rooms and equipment

Have multiple staff columns, choose which staff show in the calendar and online bookings, restrict services/treatments to certain staff, assign equipment and rooms to bookings, get notified when equipment or a room is in use. See when staff have shifts and are on holiday/sick.

customers can book on your website & social media

Your customers can book single services or multiple services online through your website, social media and anywhere else that allows your booking link to be added, its fully mobile responsive to ensure a seamless journey.

take deposits or full payment

Choose which services are bookable online and then decide which ones require a deposit or full payment, consultation fees that are redeemable against future services can be paid online and added as an account balance to the customer's profile.



Take photos on your phone, tablet or camera and upload them directly onto a customer's profile. Use the template overlay to get the same image size; works great for before & afters. Use a before photo as a background overlay to get the same image size for the after photo.

Unit plotting & drawing

Choose your brand, product and units and tap on the photo where you've injected. Write notes on the images as you go.

Before & after images

Take before and after photos and upload them to social media to further promote your business. Send the results to your customers to ensure they're satisfied and to increase your business retention.


Fully customisable electronic form builder

Sellsio's user-friendly form builder allows you to create your own bespoke forms for client intake, treatment notes and all types of medical forms. Ask multiple-choice and single-choice questions and use signatures where required. Receive notifications when specific answers are marked and get notified when a form is completed.

Automate Forms or Send Manually

Attach digital forms to confirmations and reminders, with the choice of emailing them manually if necessary. Sellsio allows you to see if your customers have completed their forms prior to their appointment.

Get forms signed in person on a tablet or phone

Download our app from the app store and get all your digital forms signed in person.

Your Complete Finance Package Is Ready To Use

Minimise any wasted time and maximise your cash flow with Sellsio’s innovative finance tools. One powerful finance platform for improved accuracy, enhanced efficiency and better insights to all aspects of your business’ financial needs.


Check Out Some Of Our Other Features

There’s certainly a lot!



Book, rebook, reschedule and cancel appointments. Use multiple staff columns, change statuses and send emails/SMS.


Create recurring shifts for staff with the same weekly schedule. Setup multiple locations for shifts.

Online Bookings

Use online bookings via your website and social media. Allow certain services to show and take deposits or full balances.

No Show Protection

Take deposits to reduce no-shows so you get paid either way. Customise your own cancellation policy. 

Automate Reminders

Create automated reminders for appointments as well as automating pre-care and after-care sheets.

Pre and After Care

Automate pre-care and after-care sheets for improved efficiency


Staff Management

Add multiple staff members and set certain staff as admin if required. Reset passwords, and setup prescriber details.


Set permissions for staff members to only allow them to view the features you want, or only the data that is linked to them.

Multiple Locations

Create multiple locations and schedule specific shifts at certain locations. Display on your online bookings as preferred.


Bundle up services and create them as courses. Sell courses and allow your customers to use sessions of their courses as they please.


Create and sell products and record this within your accounts. Set and adjust stock levels as well as creating master categories.

Drug Stocks

Keep your crucial stock levels updated with our low stock level indicator.



Run 40+ reports and use filters to find specific information. Download the reports to Excel, csv., or PDF format.


Export your reports to Excel, csv. or PDF format at ease.

Consultation Conversions

Add consultations into your services and use our reports to work out how many of these converted into a treatment.

Lead Conversions

Create enquiries or have them feed in automatically. See how many of your leads converted into clients.


Create categories and record expenses as you go. Run reports on monthly expenses for accounting purposes. 


Create commissions in the system if your staff get paid for selling or completing services.


Treatment Forms

Create and customise consent, treatment and medical history forms. Automate or have them completed in person.

Customisable Forms

Fully customise your forms as preferred by your business.


Move appointments between statuses using drag and drop. Email forms that have not been completed prior to the appointment.

Task Manager

Create tasks for yourself or other staff members and set notification reminders for when a task is due.

Staff Messenger

Chat between staff using Sellsio's instant messenger. Receive notifications on all devices.

Client Portal

Allow your clients to login and book/rebook appointments. Share documents and photos with them through our client portal.


SMS Campaign

Send an SMS campaign to all customers or a targeted group of customers.

Email Campaign

Create an email campaign or HTML email campaign to all customers or a targeted group of customers.

Automated Follow Ups

Send automated email recalls to ensure regular bookings and include booking links.

Seasonal Mailer

Create email templates that are sent automatically for specific seasons and events.


Create surveys and receive feedback for specific services or staff members. 


Easily see lapsed customers and then reach out to them via SMS or email to get them booked in.

Our Integrations

Your business will run smoother thanks to our innovative integrations. You concentrate on your clients; we’ll handle the rest!


Company Timeline

Our Offices

Sellsio is currently located in two countries; one office is in England where the sales staff are located, and the second office is in Skopje, North Macedonia where the majority of our staff are. Apart from the offices, we have multiple staff members working fully remote from different parts of the world, covering 10+ countries.



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