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Features that will
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Client & Lead
Create your invoices and give your clients payment options. We all love a fair relationship.
Keep track of the expenses, always be precise and correct with your cash flow.
Use our feature to insert name, count and price to your products. Recognize clearly your stock goods by attaching photos of them.
Execute payment for products and/or services. Choose the products, set the taxes and create point of sale.
Finance Dashboards
Summarize the performance metrics to each team member. Use the insights of the reports to improve your sales, marketing and decisions.
Summarize the performance metrics to each team member. Use the insights of the reports to improve your sales, marketing and decisions.
Get the original feedback from your client by adjusting the questions on your unique survey. Go inventive and evolve into an original business,
Sms Campaign
Sending SMS messages has never been easier. You are one click away of connecting to all your clients.
Email Campaign
Infinite number of emails are sent out every day, moreover you can create one email and send it out to infinite number of people. Associate, originate and perform.
Collect money just by referring us! Inform your friends about Sellsio and observe your payments.
Relying on the automated reminders is the perfect way to have your customers notified on time. Set up your reminders and let the system work for you.
By placing your staff members in your account as an admin, you are in position to edit their permissions accordingly to their job descriptions.
Communicate better with your team and keep track of the dead line of their tasks. Create a task and appoint a team member to finish the task.
Build your own unique forms with our feature. Attach logo/photos/photo markers and dispatch them easily to your clients.
Take notes for your clients, or general notes, using any of the devices you prefer. Always have your clients details saved.
Create your custom categories and start uploading documents with the speed of light!
Allow your receptionist to be fully prepared for the next appointment. Keep your clients happy and right on schedule!
Client & Lead Profile
Create individual profiles for all your clients/leads! Maintain a contact with them and always be fully informed about their personal visits/contacts.
Lead Form
Bring your interested party as a lead into the business by sending out our own lead form. We are more than convinced that you will turn that lead into client.
Lead management
Attach your patient's photos in no-time. Compare your client's results and save it in one image. Choose to take or upload photos from any device!
Organize your daily/weekly/monthly appointments timetable and get creative by using contrasting colors for each service. Book appointments, bookouts, events - from boring calendar upgrade to an unconventional one. Grow your business with us!
Set up your shifts and be in position to choose the location where you are working on particular day. Have a painless communication with your clients.
Online Bookings
We provide you with your own booking link that can be attached on all your social media pages. Our straightforward booking page offers secure and tranquil booking.
Confirmations + Reminders
Always notify your clients about their bookings. Send precise details and remind them on time! Reduce your no-shows with Sellsio.
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Real Stories from
Real Customers Get inspired by these stories.

We have tried a few different clinic systems but felt like this one gives us all the stuff we need and at not expensive price, we were going to leave at first because it was not good for mobile, but they have fixed that and now its perfect to use on my mobile, all my forms get sent out before the appointment, i can do my photos easily, and sometimes we send out newsletters which is easy to use, there is some little stuff i think they could work on, but overall after trying a few different systems, this is by far the best for the money, no need to have forms and diary on two different apps!! customer service is excellent cannot fault that, keep up the good work guys !!!!! - Reviya Aesthetics 5

I really love this system. It has made everything easier at my clinic and is great value for money. I found Sellsio extremely helpful and quick at responding and the training provided was also really helpful. Great product, thanks! - Sarah Emmings 5*

After having looked around for many different systems I found that Sellsio is the most user-friendly and has all the features I need for my clinic. The customer service and one to one training has been really helpful as I've never been the best with technology.I've asked previously and they've confirmed that an app will be released which will make everything even better.All in all the system is excellent and by far the best I've used and at a very decent price too.Thanks guys - Tammi Dougan 5*

Sellsio is excellent for clinic CRM.For its very modest price, it has everything a clinic would need. From consent and marketing automations, to full booking software with calendar integrations. It is also extremely easy to use.After shopping around with direct competitors who had ridiculous prices, I found Sellsio were extremely fast with their responses and in fixing any small issues that arose as well as being highly personable. I was also given one-to-one virtual training which was really helpful I don't normally leave reviews, but Sellsio is exceptional in terms of product and value for money! Dr Shaan Patel 5*

Signed up with them recently, I like the fact that I suggest some improvements and they consider to add it. Have found the customer service exceptional from the start, I feel like i'm valued as a customer. I think once they get an app it will be really up there, they have said one is due out in a couple of months though which is great! - Rosie S 5*

Easy integrations

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Personal Data

The security and privacy of your account must be our main priority. Sellsio backs up your data daily to multiple secure locations.

Our database uses the finest security measures and all information is transmitted using the industry standard 256-bit SSL / HTTPS encryption. Sellsio is monitored 525,600 minutes a year, it basically means we monitor the system every second of the day. If something goes wrong (which is unlikely) our team get onto it right away, no matter the time of day.

On the go or in
person, we have
the app for you.

As well as our amazing desktop version, you can use Sellsio’s native iOS mobile/tablet app.

  • Take photos
  • Create before/afters
  • Plot units of injections
  • Get forms signed
  • Create notes
  • Upload documents
  • Book/cancel appointments
  • Schedule Shifts
  • View your clients/patients
  • View your enquiries
  • Make calls
  • View analytics

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